Lestrade's Tea Gift Tin

The Literary Tea Company

SKU: MT010

Inspector Lestrade from the Sherlock Holmes novels is a classic detective.

"Not my division!”

Poor Greg can never get a break, whether it’s chasing rogue detectives around London or bumping into those same detectives in a country pub. Police work is far from easy, especially when it’s not your division!

Packaged in a little round tin, this makes the perfect gift or sneaky treat for any fan of the modern-day Sherlock Holmes tales. It’s size also means that you can carry it with you wherever you go, so you’ll never go without a good brew!


Blender's Notes: 
Kentish Ale - We have taken finest black teas and then blended with real Kentish hops! This is a very smooth tea, with hints of caramel and chocolate too, with a slight bitterness from the hops at the end of each sip.

Ingredients: Black Tea (89%) (Indian Assam Black Tea, Sri Lankan Black Tea, First Flush Indian Darjeeling Black Tea), Cacao Beans, Hops, Caramel Pieces (, Chocolate Chips (sugar, cacao, emulsifier soya lecithin), Flavouring.  CONTAINS CAFFEINE AND MILK!

Net Weight: 25g.


If you prefer you can replace the default ‘Lestrade's blend’ with 5 of our eco-friendly pyramid teabags, filled with traditional English Breakfast.

Dimensions of Tin: Height 3cm, Diameter 8cm.

All teas are blended to order and will be good for at least 12 months from order date. 


Due to manufacturing processes, this tea may contain traces of: Cereals containing gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, milk, soya, mustard and sulphur dioxide (>10mg/kg). (sulphur dioxide is used to preserve all dried fruits and prevents them spoiling).


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