Jane Austen Tea Collection - Individual Blends

The Literary Tea Company

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By Popular demand we have now put all our Jane Austen collection teas into individual bags so enabling you to buy a particular blend without committing to the whole collection.

Clear fronted resealable packs, come in two sizes, Mini Pack (makes up to 7 cups) or Standard Pack (makes up to 20 cups) of tea, please refer to each individual character for exact weight.

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Sense & Sensibilitea - 'Sense will always have attractions for me' - We've taken our Sri-Lankan black tea and infused it with violet to create a delicately flavoured tea that's reminiscent of the classic Parma Violet sweets! It makes a wonderfully refreshing perfumed afternoon cup of tea. Ingredients: Sri Lankan Black Tea (98%), Blue Cornflowers, Flavouring. Naturally contains caffeine. Naturally Contains Caffeine.

Pack sizes - Mini 15g, Standard 50g.

Pride & Prejudice - 'Happiness of marriage is entirely a matter of chance' - Fabulous infusion oozing with peaches and blossoms to offer your taste buds one of the best fruit tea experiences! - Ingredients: Peach, apple, orange & jasmine flowers, rosehip, hibiscus natural flavour.  Naturally Caffeine Free.

Pack sizes - Mini 15g, Standard 50g.

Miss Bennett - 'I could easily forgive his pride if he had not mortified mine' - Rose Black Tea - A reflection of what must have been Jane's own delicate but bright personality. Ingredients: Chinese Black Tea (85%), Rose Buds and Rose Petals. Naturally contains caffeine.

Pack sizes - Mini 12g, Standard 35g.

Mr Darcy - 'My good opinion once lost, is lost forever' - An extremely high quality large leaf tea. Loightly perfumed, full bodied, mellow sweet taste with hints of chocolate and sweet orchid. Ingredients: Chinese Mao Feng black tea.
Naturally Contains Caffeine.

Pack sizes - Mini 15g, Standard 50g.

Persuasion - 'What is right to be done cannot be done too soon' - Tea with a hint of Bergamot has long been a favourite. Combined here with healthy green tea and citrus fruits, a lovely alternative to Earl Grey tea. Ingredients: Chinese green tea, lemon peel, orange blossom, natural flavour. Naturally Contains Caffeine.

Pack sizes - Mini 15g, Standard 50g.

Emma - 'There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart' - A beautiful, light infusion of rose petals and passion flower to offer a sweet, delicate floral experience. Ingredients: Hibiscus, rose petals, rosehips, and passion flower.
Naturally Caffeine Free.

Pack sizes - Mini 10g, Standard 35g.

Northanger Abbey - Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothing' - A rich malty blend of the finest black tea leaves from Sri Lanka and India, a bright refreshing breakfast tea. Ingredients: Indian Assam, Sri Lankan Dimbula, Kenyan & Rwandan black teas.
Naturally Contains Caffeine.

Pack sizes - Mini 15g, Standard 50g.

Mansfield Park - 'There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort' - The youngest downy bud of white tea, it has a most delicate flavour with the beautiful aromatic essence of jasmine flowers, a heavenly match! Ingredients: Chinese white tea, and jasmine flowers.
Naturally Contains Caffeine.

Pack sizes - Mini 8g, Standard 25g.

WHY NOT ADD A MATCHING TEA INFUSER BALL TO FINISH OFF THE GIFT.  It is handmade by us and will be presented in a cardboard box.