Literary Tea Company and the COVID-19 RESPONSE 15th March 2020


You will be aware that the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having an impact on all of our lives, regardless of where we live and what we do.

As of this moment in time we have NO plan to close down or stopping trading. We still aim to deliver our high-quality products and services as normal. As we use Royal Mail business post, we will continue to dispatch orders daily to both UK and overseas destinations as we have been informed that freight services are currently operating normally, only passenger services are currently being affected.

We have been in close contact with our suppliers, and at the current time have been told that there is no lack of supply to us so that we can continue to blend the teas that you love. We work in a purpose-built unit adjacent to our home meaning we have no travel restrictions in getting to work. It is not accessible to any other people and is regularly deep cleaned as we outline below. As a small family business, we are in a position to closely monitor and mitigate against any of our employees feeling unwell, and to look after the best interests of both them and the business. 

As part of our responsible manufacturing processes, we already clean and sanitise our blending equipment and stainless-steel preparation surfaces during the blending and packing of our teas and accessories, as well as at the end of the working day to prevent cross contamination. We have a good supply of sanitising product at the current time as this is our standard practice and we don’t have to react to the current temporary shortage of products.

Since we began trading have always maintained a responsible approach to our customers and staff with regards to protective work wear, using gloves, lab coats and masks in order to protect both ourselves and the customer.

All incoming deliveries to us are subject to additional sanitisation procedures at the current time which include an ethanol based antibacterial clean of all exterior packaging in an environment away from our processing building, and a subsequent additional isolation period of at least 5 days before products are used to ensure no residual risk is brought into our production area.

As part of the tea making process, heat is applied to dry the teas. For Black Tea, Green & Oolong teas, this is at temperatures approaching those required to boil water for around 15 minutes. Reports from the W.H.O and other sources indicate that the coronavirus cannot withstand such high temperatures.

We do and always will put cleanliness of our manufacturing process and products first, and as an aside, because tea is always added to boiling (or near boiling) water this adds another level of security in knowing that you, the customer can take confidence in knowing our products are safe to consume.

As and when we get any further updates regarding the COVID-19 situation and the impact it may have on us, we will pass these on.

The Literary Tea Company