Harry Potter Inspired tea and gift ideas

Harry Potter Inspired tea and gift ideas

Our literary teas cover thousands of years’ worth of classical works of art, but our Harry Potter inspired teas and related tea items is an example of more recent offerings which are just as worthy of recognition. We have drawn on some great ideas to blend teas which, we think encapsulate the spirit of these iconic books and films.

Our magical tea gift sets provide 4 wondrous tea potions presented in test tubes and packaged in a Jute drawstring bag. A wonderful gift idea based around tea and magic. Our teaball infusers are a totally unique tea accessory to compliment this harry potter inspired range. The teaball i

s made from high quality stainless steel to which is attached are charms which are motivated by some of the key themes from this iconic series. Made from Silver Plated and Zinc Alloy (lead free) metal, these charms will last the test of time, and the chain to which they are attached can be removed from the teaball allowing the ball to be safely dishwashed.

Our Wizards Brew tea caddy and choice of 6 main characters in mini tea tins just add to the overall experience, so come and have a look at what wondrous offerings we have





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