Christmas Teacher Present

Christmas Teacher Present

If you are looking for a great teacher Christmas present as an end of term gift, why not give them  a gift of tea this time? Thank them for everything that they do.

With a great range of teas to choose from there are plenty of options, ranging from classical teas such as English Breakfast and Pure Green tea to some more quirky and hand-blended teas that you will not find anywhere else.

If you want something more specific, then have a look at our literary range of teas where you can choose from a wide range of authors, book titles and even film themed tea gifts; perfect perhaps for your English or Drama teacher. These unique presents are a great gift for someone if you are struggling to think of what to buy, and will be sure to give a nice surprise and something definitely different from the usual mug or cakes.

With prices ranging from £2.85 to £40 there are gifts which will suit any budget, so take a look at what we can offer you and we are sure there will be something that will catch your eye.

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